Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep on rolling baby

Another wonderful spin, this one happened to have a little structure to it. Attempts are being made to figure out why my right side and leg seem to be made at me and not spin in sync with my left. The power is there out of both, now just need to get them working together.

No thrills or spills on the ride as I made my way up to Honey Harbour. The smell of the water is always enjoyable and the lack of traffic made it a little bit better. Along the way there was a sign that I questioned. It was in the middle of no where and in neon letters said Stuff For Sale. Who's stuff? What kind of Stuff? There seemed to be a lot of stuff on that board but to even get to the board to look or post something was a little challenge. Yes there are some strange things in the area that I call home.

A good hour and a half spin with some 5 minute 110 rpm stuff mixed in trying to force flexibility and smoothness, how successful was it? No clue at this point but the interesting thing is that all this body issue seemed to come around right at the time I stopped doing grunt work in the yard. Was it finally time for things to catch up cause problems? Or is it my body rejecting all the rest. I'm not sure but I'm getting tempted to start back into some sort of abusive physical work again soon. There is firewood to split and move soon, hmmmm.

Hoping the rain clears out, for now more coffee.

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