Monday, July 5, 2010

The day time stood still

Actually it seemed to be the whole weekend. Things just seemed to move a little slower, or tasks seemed to be done a little quicker. Yet another good road ride with the coach. Some world problems solved, some sore legs were feeling better on Sunday. The start of a few yard projects and the finish to a couple others. All that along with lots of down time in a chair on the grass.

Decision on Buckwallow is finalized, no play for me. Some long rides are in the mix instead. Skipped it last year with no remorse and after hearing that a MCC club member broke his arm there was a preliminary warning or gentle hint. Flashbacks of last year? Hopefully for many that's a no.

It's funny that during the Buckwallow race last year I ended up working on the back yard retaining wall, I'm still working on that same area this year with the start of the deck. Hmmm what will I be building there next season?

Coffee and stretching. Later

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I'm keeping my money