Thursday, July 8, 2010

Round ?????

Yet again what could have been just a mellow night with some intensity training at a local cycling venue turned into another intergalactic championships race. With the return of a little vomit paced riding to my training the weekly series at Hardwood Ski and Bike which has now moved it it's venue onto the sun ended up being the place to play. Seems that everyone was feeling the same way.

After a half decent warm up which consisted of actually riding and not just rolling from the car to the start line, settled in behind a wall of pre teen riders. Amongst those late stagers like myself were Mr. Spurr of now Tag Team superstardom, Andrew Watson, who thought that he was going to have an easy night, Jeremy Simmons, the man who has attempted to turn himself into the bionic man with multiple knee surgeries and of course Brendan Matheson of elite fame. The only man that could be vomiting while climbing a hill and still be smiling.

To say the start was calm would be a lie, I really had concerns with flash backs of the last time this type of crowd lined up together. Because of the heat there were less on the line, less small children to run over and sacrifice for the greater cause. It took about 20 seconds before 7 off us split around the crowd and another 5 seconds before Tristan blasted off the front splitting the group again. 25 seconds in it's already going to start hurting. First climb spits out the couple extra riders that tried to mix it up. Jer faded back a bit. You are only bionic on one side, time to wreak the other knee and get balance back to the legs or start learning to ride one legged!!!

As we hit the first couple single track sections a regroup of Tristan leading, Brendan, Andrew and myself happened. It instantly felt like a Monday Night recovery ride, then we hit a double track section and T just blasted off again with all of us in chase. I'd fall off the back, my top end power has yet to fully return but once the trail narrowed would catch back onto the group.

This continued over and over again, until Brendan mentioned to Tristan something about a turn he just went through, explaining the better line. For some reason T thought he was talking about the corner coming up and blasted way of line blowing a tire and having the three of up roll by. Then it just fell apart. Brendan in stress mode with Watson on his wheel kept riding faster and faster, I just watched the gap grow with no real attempt to hold on. Tristan began walking.

Crossed the line about 45 seconds after, apparently knowledge of the course over took power and gears last night, or someone was just saving themselves for Kabush. As for me, considering that my legs have felt like crap since the 24 hour I set a P.B. on that course. I guess there is power beginning to return, it's just not feeling good. That's where tonight's plan is coming into play as i visit yet another body manipulator with some very abusive myo facial release stuff being done this evening.

The next round of the H.S.B. weekly worlds won't happen for a few weeks now with some C.C., W.C, 8HRS, and life coming into play but I've heard rumours that the U.C.I. will be there next time with camera's and possibly urine testing after the race. They'll also be checking the top 5's bikes for motors. The secret is out.


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