Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Death proof??? It's not a car

I felt like I pushed the limit of my safety yesterday. Did my normal preride check and didn't think anything was out of the ordinary. Rolled out with the to do on the ride list on to some quiet roads. Good warm up, empty roads, hit the timer on the handlebar laptop, stood up, almost died.

Most things give you a fore warning that they are wearing out or have a time limit on service. You check the whole bike everytime you clean it, check brakes, tires, chain wear etc. Things are usually visual. When is it recommended to check your cleats? Now on the mountain bike it happens more often. You unclip so much more, you just know when the cleats are worn. On road shoes, well it just doesn't happen often. Shoes don't get dirty, you clip in and stay in for the duration of the ride, they just don't wear the same. But when they do!!!

Just about went over the bars as i started to sprint and tore my left foot out of the pedal. I'd love to say that it was because I have just so much power in my legs, but I'd be over exaggerating the facts. I continued my workout and had one more almost scare, this time feeling the less than secure foot slip a little, adjusted the alignment and continued the power down session.

After rolling safely back to the house, some quick inspection of both the pedal and the cleat. It was pretty obvious and had I looked at the bottom of my shoes at anytime in the last couple weeks I would have been aware of the due date for changing. Ride was good, weather held off, legs are feeling not bad. Only a few more days left.

Some agressive play time tonight. Some third degree questions of the mighty T to find out if he will be lining up in the solo catagory will be done tonight also.

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