Friday, July 9, 2010

Coffee and ?????

Dragging today, the bikes are in the basement warm and dry. As a rest day was consumed with abuse that I wonder if it was really a rest day. The weekend brings more of that self abuse stuff as continued time will be spent finishing up the deck, pedalling both road and mountain bikes and trying to bend my body back to it's original height.

Though I'm taking some time off from racing over the next couple weeks, there will be lots of race associated stuff that will be done, course to ride. The 8 hour course is now posted. Next weekend I'll be surrounded by a bunch of multi sport type athletes while representing Infinit. I'll have them drinking kool-aid, beer, and the best sport drink in existence in no time. Use a few of those minor things I learned in marketing, maybe I can convince them that the Maytag Man is not the lonely also.

Is there disappointment about not racing this weekend, not really. I like buckwallow a lot but after such a long block of racing up to Solstice having this break is needed. The long block coming up I'll be thinking about how good a decision it was to have the break. My yard is thanking me right now also.

I need more coffee or I'll be back in bed. The blame to my tiredness. BOB the cat. He is a little bit of a disappointment to his species when it comes to the intelligence side of things. It had something to do with rain, I'll leave it at that. At least he has his looks and that seems to get a lot of people through life.

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