Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time Flies

This is the first weekend in a long time when there has been no travelling, no racing, even low key training. I'm almost lost and confused on what to do with the extra time on my hands. Of course there is always that list of to do's that are always linked to my house. Even though it is only July we are almost at the mid way point of the season.

Staring at the list of what's to come seems to e getting a little smaller and with the options of a no go a couple of the shorter races it means that the season is just flying by. 30 years ago a day seems like an eternity, 30 weeks ago the 2009 season had just ended and it seemed like an eternity before the next season began. Mix that in with the snow that was coming and it seemed like it would be forever before being on the trails again. 30 days ago it was recovering from yet another race.

Having this small break from racing is much needed at this point of the season but it's really stunning on how fast it goes by. I cringe a little when I think that it won't be long until I'm waxing skis instead of cleaning chains. Shoveling snow instead of cutting grass. I need to work on my best Tom Sawyer lines to try and persuade Pete to come help me move firewood this fall. It's fun Pete, all the kids are doing it. It will be cross bikes instead of mountain bikes. Yes, my one or two cross races of the season will be done yet again.

I'll admit that I sometimes look forward to that month of October and November when there is no training, just random rides. Of course when it's that time of the year I'm already getting excited for the next year of racing. It's just one crazy circle of Deja Vu. Looking ahead seems to be just thoughts of what I'm doing currently, may as well enjoy it. Time flies, might as well have fun.

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Peter said...

while i enjoy huck finn you don't have to convince me just tell me when you have a good pile of wood to move and / or chop

preferrably mid sept into october ... outside chance mid august

decent post ... enjoy your recovery