Sunday, July 4, 2010

slow to go fast

But yet another wonderful day, the mind, body and soul all willing to get out for a long ride. Unfortunately that line 2 out of 3 ain't bad is a complete farce when the missing component happens to be the body. It was a reasonably early start rolling south bound to meet Andrew for a rip around the Big Chute. The return of lots of info was a good thing and I was happy to see that my heart rate has come out of the basement, the legs on the other hand. I was hoping Mr. Watson was going to be feeling weak. Wasn't happening.

The first hour wasn't to bad but I did find that what is normally a comfortable bottom zone 2 in wattage equalled an mid zone 3 in heart rate. Yep, still very weak. It didn't take long for me to clue in that as much as Andrew doesn't put out much of a draft I was going to need all the help I could get to try and keep my legs in a happy place on the slow road to recovery.

Lot's of mini groups of riders that seemed to be all going the wrong way on the loop. The thought of chasing them down and telling them that local law allows you to only go clockwise around that loop on every other Sunday. It was not every other Sunday.

Forced stop at Port Severn as the locks were crazy busy. This led to the strangest question from a woman. "Where do you get your bikes from?" I know it's a simple sort of answer but that not exactly a normal question you get from some stranger off the street. Ended up into a nice conversation, some links to her brother's bike shop in that other country, etc. Wanted to be nice to her, she arrived in a yacht bigger than my house and I thought she might put me in her will.

It will be a slightly shorter adventure today but yet again more time on the road. Thoughts on the next two races are more than likely only going to be thoughts. Some sponsor commitments are going to have me chilling around a bunch of triathletes, that will be entertaining. The rebuild is on. 3 weeks till Hardwood.

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