Friday, July 16, 2010

just because it can fly and I can't

I think my mountain bike may be sending me a "do you remember who I am"note soon. Yet again a my road bike took my on another long adventure, this time more south east to the farm lands of Severn. Again a non exciting ride broken down into 10 minute sections. The whole time I'm watching the wonderful clouds come rolling in. The whole time I'm wondering what is easier to maintain, tempo into the wind or with a wonderful tail wind. I'll say that it was a much more super hero like result with the tail wind pushing 40 km/h up hill.

The highlight of the ride was the very low on the evolution scale sea gull that, like the teenagers the day before, didn't look before he took off. As I'm spinning out the legs along the rail trail, riding no hands. I do have some madd skills, I watched this bird start to move from right to left at about the same pace as I'm going towards it. I'm not slowing down, it's not speeding up, the distance towards collision is disappearing very quickly. Now I've watched birds take off more than once in my life including this breed, let's just say I think that this was a bird that was asking to be part of the Darwin Awards. I don't even think a french fry would have sped him up.

I barely got my hands on the bars in time thinking that I have this strong chance of t boning the stupid flying machine. The edge of the wing touched my wheel as we crossed. That have second pause of my weight shift reaching for the bars was all that made the difference from having both of us on the ground. A simple reminder to all they flying species, please stay off the bong before you fly!!!

There will be no post tomorrow but if you really want to hear a story, come visit me at the Gravenhurst Triathlon. I'll be chilling in the INFINIT tent for the morning jacked up on way to much coffee. Up to early to post anything. Yes, I know that I said that I would be amongst triathletes, no I'm not planning on becoming one, relax. I'm and OCD workaholic but not at there level. Plus they don't allow water wings and squeaky toys for the swim section and my continued thought of not wanting to run unless being chased would become a bit of a problem in the transition section. I could see me in there having a temper tantrum, gripping my bike tightly screaming I don't want to get off my bike, I love my bike, running is stupid, there's no coasting in it!! Of course I think it's great that they are out there being active instead of sitting on they're asses in front of a tv getting fat.

Come visit me, INFINIT is giving away a bike, come see, come see!!!

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