Monday, July 26, 2010

Another comparision

What is the difference between a fall and a crash? How do you rank which one you have just had? Do you have to show blood? I'm feeling a little rough again today, more so my neck. I completely understand whiplash now and why people end up in a lawsuit for it after a crash. No, I'm not going to sue the tree or the ground that hit me.

Falls just happen, slide out, fail to make a turn, just tip over. Pretty simple, they usually happen at slower speeds and the end result usually at worst is some bruises and on the worst side a couple scratches. In most cases you are back on your bike faster than you went down. We all fall , some more that others.

Now on to crashes, this are pretty easy to distinguish. There is usually blood, there is always some sort of horrible noise from either the bike or the rider. There is normally a major pause before that person is moving again and in some cases a pause from those around as they say 'Holy Shit!" Crashes always lead to scars. Scars always tell great stories a couple month later after things have fully healed. Falls don't cause you to hesitate when back on the bike, crashes almost always lead to a challenge to get over again.

Ya I need to get back on the horse. My original plan to go for a long easy spin turned into a short spin which finally turned into no riding at all but a really long walk with the dog on the bike path. I felt pretty trashed most of the day yesterday. The nose is feeling numb and a bit strange. The legs are tight right now because of the lack of stretching but overall feel ok. The neck on the other hand will take the longest to recover. At least the neck doesn't support anything important and useful!

Coffee, yoga then work. What will the day bring?

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