Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new species?

Just pedal Boy!!!! That was the plan, that was all I had to do, that was all I felt like doing. The only thing that I didn't like was the wind, it was one of those days that I would have headed for the trails in the protection of the trees. With the deal that I can't touch a mountain bike except for cleaning purposes (which I have still not done since the 8 hour) I headed towards some of the roads that are least traveled. A slight search of new pavement but also on a control of time. Focus on training is as high focus on recovery right now and wanting lots of time for stretching.

Headed to the base of the big hills of Oro and rode what would be considered it's shoulder. Not right to the top but just far enough up the hill before it got to steep to ride in that sweet spot. There becomes a point that pitch versus forward momentum divided by effort that there will become full exertion or full failure and usually leads to falling over. This was not that type of ride. Legs were still feeling, well one leg is feeling better.

Came across yet another disturbing sign that had me looking over my shoulder for a few km. I've seen lots of different animals while riding, bears, deers, turtles, snakes, skunks, children, dogs, cats, old people, etc. They are usually pretty predictable on how fast they will cross a road in front of you. Some add a little bit of caution but nothing to dramatic. This was different.

Has anyone ever seen a cob cross the road? Was it attached to a chicken? Does it move quickly? If you aggravate it will it attack? Are they normally in packs that make them feel tougher than they are? Either way I was concerned and sped up my pace and my alertness. I saw another sign farther up the road warning people traveling the other direction and felt I made it through safely. For now, I hoped, continued along on some more random roads with left and right turns before making my way head on into the wind for the last few km trying to spin the legs out.

More playing around tomorrow.

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