Friday, July 30, 2010

An irritation that couldn't be scratched

It just continued to become more and more annoying. So annoying that I started to get into a bad mood. A bad mood that could not be cured by normal simple means or riding my bike because in some cases I knew it would irritate things a little more. This is not how to stop the irritation, I'm stubborn, I like pain, I have a pretty high threshold of pain but this was different. This is the ongoing need to get shit in order and body back in check type annoying pain.

So I did. I left the Chuck Norris bike in it's place and went where ever crazy person needs to spend time, the padded room. I did a movie worth of yoga and facial release. I poked at sore areas and rolled on objects to help bend and lengthen things back to normal. What is going on with the body? Have a few ideas, heading to the athletic therapist tonight to find out. It's amazing how more than likely one small muscle gets in a bad place and it pulls everything out of place and radiates it's annoyance through the body. I want it to stop, I need it to stop, NOW!!!

Long weekend coming, a couple long rides scheduled, new bike project to start. The return of a 26 inch single speed to be built for the eventual return of single speed only for the Monday night something. This usually happens once the race season is finished.

I need the break of the long weekend as yet another block of racing is about to begin. 3 days, no alarm clock, no crazy amounts of yard work. Just riding and recovering.

Thoughts on not riding last night, it was windy, I won't lose my fitness if I skip a day, I would have ridden made which usually means an aggressive ride, I would have given idiot car drivers the finger and swore at them, they probably would come back and run me over making me dead. Good idea not to ride.

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