Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time flies, Time stand stills

Sometimes it seems to be able to do that at the exact same time. Was lucky enough that the rain was everywhere but where I was riding as I headed out for a vomit session. During this ride I really wonder how consistent time really is?

Why is it that while doing an full force interval where the heart rate is speeding up at an excessive rate, legs are spinning as fast as they can, the bike continues to accelerate and the world seems to be flying by but for some reason that my stopwatch seems to almost come to a stop. This seems to be the exact opposite for the time between reps and sets. As you are doing everything you possibly can to recover and I swear 1 minute or 5 minutes seems to fly by like i happened to roll across into a different time zone. Let's just say that there were many times during the workout where I was hearing the thunder and actually hoped that I might get struck by lighting because it would hurt less.

I probably made a few people wonder what the hell I was doing, going from close to 50 km/h standing and looking strong to then being hunched over my bars with my eyes crossed gasping for air. Then doing it again, and a again, and a again. An old couple sitting on their front deck watching the world go by probably made a few comments like" Look at the lunatic Marge" " Awww Penetang Mental Institution must be letting clients out for exercise and this one got lost" " I'll get the phone"

The legs were aching so much that I even did something that breaks better judgement by having an cold water bath afterwards, the thoughts of putting the lower body in cold water by choice is not something any man really wants to or should consider doing without thinking about it at least 7 times. Well I didn't and a I did it anyways followed by some seriously violent attacks at my i.t. bands. Regained focus is needed as payment has been made for the Hardwood 8 hour. Less than 2 weeks. Starting to get excited.

More thrills, hopefully no spills tomorrow. Later

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Peter said...

sounds like some pulling the bandaid off fast ... keep it up !