Saturday, July 18, 2009

As subtle as a kick in the nuts.

Sorry to be a little blunt. I posted it earlier, fate, karma, watching the signs voodoo witch doctor stuff is something I pay attention to. Most of the time the signs are pretty subtle.

Recently I couldn't find a pair of my Oakley's. Searched for a week or so with no luck so started shopping around. The short story, two weeks of looking stores were either sold out or what they had were crap. Ok, well order a pair online. Oh wait I just payed for the Hot August Night team registration on that credit card. Hmmm Nope, just waiting. 3 days later I found my glasses. 3 full weeks plus and they appear. Hmmm.

Ok not convinced. Look at things with my parents. The timing of Mom leaving the law office and eventually joining the family business to my Dad getting sick and eventually losing to cancer to my sister and myself getting along to me becoming a grown up (sometimes). Of course this was spread out over a year and a half but there are way to many signs that happened over this time to be just coincident. This was also about the time that I started paying attention to it.

My work also opens my eyes to signs, helps solve problems quickly. Come with me for a day of service and you would see what I mean. I'm constantly asking my apprentice. What do you see, while at a service call. Hey honestly, the Maytag Man is never lonely and sitting around. I don't pay the bills with the money I make racing bikes. I think I'm at about $100 to date.

Where am I going to with this story. How does fate work? For me most of the time I flip a coin. Seriously I do. I know Watson has a magic eight ball. I 'm not the only one having weird vibes about the race. My thoughts on racing Buckwallow Ontario Cup on Sunday were influenced by a little more dramatic means.

Obviously last Sunday's crash with Erin's broken radius was the first, followed by carrying Jeremy out on Thursday after his crash,(more on his stuff in a minute) was the second. The third was watching another rider crash at the same spot. Ok so 3 laps 3 crashed. Subtle yes but didn't fully convince me. Well the final sign that came bluntly said you are not racing Sunday or you will never ever get things done.

This is my driveway

This is my backyard.

The guy who was going to come over last night and this morning to move all this to it's final home called me mid day yesterday. First question, can you be home early today, nope. Told you the Maytag Man is run ragged. Next question, what about Monday, can you take the day off? Nope Same reason. The tractor guy is an old friend and since I'm going to be doing most of the raking I need to be there.

He ran into other work related problems so Friday and Saturday were out. Obviously Monday was out, he brought it up. What about first thing Sunday morning. Well I kinda have a race and need to put in some hours on the bike before. Ummmm He is booked for the next two weeks. I start a 4 race weekend block next month. It will start snowing and hell will freeze over before I get this move. Subtle sign???

Anyways, that was it. So Sunday morning at 8:30 am I will be loading up my retaining wall not my bike, drinking more coffee than I should instead of water and Infinit. Not wearing bike shoes but work boots. Not racing but raking. Something is telling me not to race this weekend. Who, what, why I don't know but I'll be watching for the reason.

Back to Jeremy. Broken patella. Check this out if your stomach can take it.

He seems to be in good spirits, he is a bit of a shitty actor though. The good news is that the organizers of Trans Rockies have deferred their entry till next year and everything else has been credited. I'll be contacting Chico this week, Jer is still very much part of our Hot August Nights team. He will be back to captain in charge of the hole dam thing. He has become the official start line place holder guy and will also be used to corrupt any other team that could be somehow trying to challenge us, cough cough norco cough cough.

As for my riding, I'm up early, quick talk with Heather yesterday puts me to a freeforall road ride today. Attack the hills, town line sprints etc etc. I'm heading out for 4-5 hours depending on the weather. No gnome spotting today. Riding solo at this point. I do plan to make an appearance at the race though. It will be kinda cool watching the crew instead of chasing them.



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