Wednesday, July 1, 2009

lucky and weird

Weather is not road bike friendly. Lighting, thunderstorms, rain and an aluminum framed road bike equal one very unhappy cyclist. I did catch a break last afternoon. The clouds split and there was actual sunshine and clear skies. Look to the left huge wall of black, look to the right it's little brother.

I headed out right up the middle heading towards Coldwater. I was prepped for two hours but the wall of black way off that I was pedaling towards was probably not going to let that happen. Every once in a while I was hearing a little rumble. Now here was the weird part. About 30 minutes into my ride I felt a whack on my helmet. No cars around, on my road bike so I can't blame it on the trees, what the hell. I felt it again. It wasn't just a whack but more of a scrap. Looked back, it was a bird trying to take me out. It was weird, it was squawking away and started to move in again. A couple waves of the arm kept it off and then it turned away.

What the hell??? Was it a bird that drank a little to much whiskey??? I didn't try and rob the nest, was it telling me to turn around away from the storm I was riding towards?? I started staring at the power lines at every bird. I had red wing blackbird start to move and fly just above me. Ya I started pedalling a little harder, what is there max speed? I was pushing mid 40"s km/h hoping that it wasn't that fast. No second attack. Of course I wish I would have had my camera, the rare time I leave with out it.

Kept rolling keeping my head a little lower for the next few km before heading north again. I was a little concerned as those walls of black seemed to be getting closer to on another. Managed to only see a few drops when I was 5 minutes from the house. Not the total time I would have liked to have seen but better than sitting on my ass eating potato chips and drinking a beer. Yes I did do that late last night.

Today is a great day off. Happy Canada Day.

Going to try and ride around the clouds again today, hopefully in that 3 hour range. Have yet to decide if it will be road, or a mix of road and trail yet. It's early, I've barely finished my first cup of coffee, my brain is still sleeping in. I won't forget my camera today.

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