Thursday, July 23, 2009


There are usually reasons for everything. Yesterday I saw a few. One good one was why I ride bicycles and not motorcycles. Biggest reason, I'm not mature enough for a motorcycles. I am mature enough to know that I'm not mature enough.

First off, look at the way I drive a car. Hell look at the way I ride a bike. I like to go fast. I blame the car on the fact that I genetically have a longer right leg which really throws off the alignment of my whole body and the gas pedal. Great line eh? So what brought on this thought. I watched 3 crotch rockets go past me like I wasn't moving and trust me I was moving. At least with a bicycle I'm a little more restricted. It's rare that I bust the speed limit but when I do!!

Speaking of bikes, I found the reason that I love to just ride down random roads. Last nights ride was one of those lets see where this goes. I had a shorter ride planned, 2 hours, so I kept things relatively close to the house. There are a bunch of concessions off the famous Big Chute Loop that I've never ventured down, that changed last night.

Lots of new pavement, very little traffic, one great surprise. I came across this great waterfall with what you would almost think was an antique bridge going over it. This is also a big reason I normally have my camera with me. Sorry no pictures this time but I will be getting back there in the very near future. I think it could be one of those nice places to relax on a rest day.

I'm loving the idea of all these new loops to ride since I start getting a little sick of seeing the same cracks in the road by mid summer. Usually by August I have thoughts of driving (gasp) someplace to do road rides. I don't think that will be the case this year and with all the new pavement showing up next year may be covered also.

Looks like training may be brought indoors over the next day or so. A big run of rain days is called for and looking outside this morning I think they could at least be right about today. I really hope not as both the trainer and rollers are in the basement and it's going to have to be one hell of a good reason for me to bring one upstairs. Like thunder and lightning.

Gotta run

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