Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conspiracy theory

That's right folks, there is something strange happening to the Monday Night Something team.

One rider was questionable right from the get go. No worries there the space was filled instantly. Next up were the first round of rumours. Those rumours turned out to be true and another rider was lost to his sponsor's team. A team that was never supposed to be a threat. Now they want to battle with the Monday Night crew. Why?? What did we do to them besides not ride a free ride bike.

Now there are more rumours that another crazy fast team is trying to be put together. Brown envelopes are being slid under the table, phones are being tapped, many riders are being secretly followed during training rides. Of course if theres one team being built there will be other's.

To equalize us from complete domination someone payed off that rock to take out the creator of the Monday Night Something team. Rumours that they have rebuilt him strong and lighter with a titanium carbon scandium knee cap may be true. Will check in this week with Jeremy for more details.

Some rules are being broken, riders are being pulled from other teams, worst other factory teams. When confronted on the matter the answer given was completely unacceptable. 2 riders on our team only show up every once in a while. SO!!! The challenge now for Norco is to get Mr. PG to sport one of their jerseys and bikes at the World Cup this weekend.

SO who started the corruption of the Monday Night Team. Was it the government? Was it an inside job? Was it the same people that apparently staged the moon landing? I have my own theories but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I saw lots of strange movements in the trees last night during my ride. I also had a bat in my house when I got home. Are they checking in on me while I sleep?? I foiled their plans with the help of my tennis racket. No I didn't destroy it, what fun would that be. Just a light tap to stun the bugger and sent him back to the spies base.

We are currently at 8 riders with all the changes but some email's have gone out, since at least one other team is not playing by the rules anymore it's a complete free for all. In a day or so I will hand the reigns back over to Jeremy as team captain. Watch out everyone, he may not be racing but he wants the win more now than ever.

The expert/pro 10 person division looks like it will be the race to watch this year. For anyone getting that nudge from someone to race on their super fast team to battle with us. Don't do it, come join us, we have beer!!! Oh and we will also have very immature race tactics to deal with all the other teams that attempt to challenge. Immature may be an understatement. Down right childish might be the better wording.

Yes these thoughts are all over the place. It's done for a reason. It's coded, if you spend a really really really long time staring at it and trying to place things in the right order and digging deeper for the hidden message in this blog. Our team will be spending that time riding our bikes.

Oh, by the way. I did ride my bike last night. Legs felt good, that hill is getting a little smaller. Time to work. More excitement tomorrow.

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