Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something new

This has come to my attention. Could this be the fun race to end the season for 2009? It's close to home. It's lots of fun single track. I"m very much considering it.

Usually by October there is only cross. Not everyone gets really excited about riding full out for 50 minutes and a lap on a bike that is supposed to be ridden on pavement being forced to run over barriers that just shouldn't be there. Me, I like it. I think this race may sell out quickly.

Speaking of race venues, I have to bring this up. For people in Ontario that are planning on riding Mountainview. I need to remind you that this is on private property. This means the only day that you are allowed to ride is on Thursday nights for the weekly series. Now if you would like to join the club for a huge fee of $15 this gives you a few extra days of riding on club nights. There have been a few people caught riding there already. Please play by the rules.

Mother Nature was nice to me, no rain on the ride last night, Hoping for the same tonight. Will hopefully be more exciting than climbing up and down a hill.


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