Tuesday, July 14, 2009

weak attempt at summer

Part of the Monday night something ride is to solve all the world problems. That and to have a little fun with an easy ride. It's mid July, it's 8 pm and just about everyone is wearing arm bands. Global warming??? Not this summer.

Why am I talking about the weather. We have a race this weekend. What kinda crap are we going to get this time. So far for the O-cups we have had 2 with mud and rain, one that was so cold that warm ups were pretty much non existent. Oh did I mention that it snowed that race. Now I will say London was perfect, wait ya it was hot and it hadn't been hot yet so many felt it. I won't even get into the other races.

Well right now the weather looks like it's been revised from a couple days ago. Why would it change. Because it was looking way to nice. Now, straight rain till race day. Does anyone remember last year??? Of course the other weather site contradicts the first one saying sun with rainbows and butterflies with rivers made of chocolate. How can scientist really honestly say that they can map out the weather 50 years a head when they can barely get it right 50 minutes a head???

I've always said that I love racing in the worst conditions but I usually mean this after we have had a bunch of races in great conditions. Some great conditions would be nice. Spending longer cleaning my bike on race day than the actual race is getting to be a little much. Am I whining?? Yes I am!!!!

Since I've yet to ride the course, heard it's similar to last year, I'm planning on going up for their weekly series on Thursday and then again Saturday. I've already opted to a much more aggressive tire regardless of the predicted weather because there seems to be a lot more roots this year. Last year I ran the XCR muds (it was muddy though) and the little loss on the double track was made up with grip on the slick rocks etc etc.

Back to last night's ride. It was probably one of the most low key rides we have ever done. Why, who knows. Of course it had to come to an end in the last km where everyone opened up to sprint for the cars. Scott took the lead but got held up at the log crossing where Watson jumped over it on the inside to take the lead. Jacob took an alternate route through the former trail where logging happened. I followed. The intensity was nuts. Out of our side all you saw were small sticks flying everywhere. At least there were no derailleurs to take out. Andrew proved why he is one of the best riders in Canada by smoking it past us. Of course our short cut almost worked. Had I felt really aggressive I could have cut Scott off and put him into the trees. I'm saving that for Sunday!!! Another fun Monday ride.

Time for more coffee and the real job.


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