Thursday, July 2, 2009

Round 2

With a day of during the week, thanks to our great company, I was able to get a great bonus ride in. The plan, no plan!! 3 bottles, 9 dollars, zip loc bag of extra INFINIT, big Ipod on random and my camera was the only planning. The route. Ride till I run out of pavement then turn left.

Headed out the same way as I did the day before down Upper Big Chute Road. Why? I had to see if it was a random fluke with the birds. It wasn't, they are Red Wing Black birds and they are aggressive little bugger. One try to grab my helmet again and a second tracked and squawked at me again. 40km/h is their glide speed for anyone wondering. This is a marshy farm area so lots of them and I'm pretty sure it's that time of the year the eggs are hatching.

Kept going south towards Orillia, I had yet to run out of pavement but I did hit the four option and I turned left on Division Road. For anyone local you know about this place. I've seen it before by car but no slow enough to soak it all in . Well I stopped this time.

If you look real close, yes that is a pirate ship. The swans liked it also. I couldn't take enogh pictures to show the whole garden and waterfalls the owners built but just the fact of having a pirate ship in your back pond is cool.

Made my way into Orillia and down to the water front. Big Canada Day festivities, a quick ride through and I was heading North again but being a little more adventurous on the return. Started on Fairground Road until I ran out of dirt. It was cool being on roads I've never been on either driving or riding. Have to pull the cross bike out for one of these rides.

My luck did run out as fast as the pavement did and I was forced to play swerve the pot holes and big rocks for a few km. I kept at the turn left as an option and finally made my way into Coldwater. Found a bunch of new paved roads along with a couple good climbs that I'll integrate into training rides. Finished up heading up Vasey line hill before the turn up Gratrix road heading for home.

3.5 hours put a smile on my face. No rain, very little traffic, new places to play. On the race front. I'm on the fence about the Ganaraska Marathon race this Sunday. Of course the fence is tipped over.

Back to the grind.


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