Thursday, July 16, 2009

Changes, both for the good.

Took a rest day yesterday to get a few things done around the house. Actually it was more influenced by Mother Nature and I just didn't argue. One of my little side projects and final decision use has been my Gardin road bike. It's gone back in forth so many times on what I want to use it for.

First stop was a track bike but that faded quickly. Then it was a start into a full restore of the early 1990's components and have it as a fun road bike. Wait I probably wouldn't do it and if I went through the effort the bike should be at least something from the 80's or better yet the 70's. Next stop, build it up for crap conditions and winter riding. It was a great thought. Went friction shift and a Sram x9 derailleur. A set of Mavic's for the summer and a crap wheel set for the off weather. The down fall on this thought. The front fork doesn't have the clearance for anything more than a 25c and that is pushing it. Let alone a tire with some bit to it. Oh ya I have a cross bike that I can use for that type of riding.

Well it's been sitting idle till now. We have a great rail trail that I never ride just to ride. Till now.

The new and final set up. No gears, no drop bars, one brake. Flat pedals? Flat bar?? Yep, Yep etc etc.

A new rear wheel started it. Flip flop rear wheel. So the end result is this.

A very non flashy fixie for doing the cruise to the local pub/patio. No graphics, no flashy bladed spokes wheels, just something that if I lock it to a pole I know it will be there when I come back. I'll be testing it out this weekend when I get a visit from my coach.

The second change. I cancelled my cable. Not that I can't afford it but more that what is the point. My tv is never on, I've barely even watched the tour. The $80 a month they take for something I barely use the decision was pretty easy. Will I bring it back for the winter, probably not. I listen to the news on the radio and I live feed anything else that I want to watch off the laptop. Now the problem is figuring out what to do with the big ass tv in the living room.

What will I do with all that extra money. $80 a month times 12 months equals just under a grand off probably more amusement than the tv could give me. Oh and yes that is the back of my work truck.

Off to work, need to motor through the day. Heading to Buckwallow tonight to play on the Ontario Cup course.


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