Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts from the past.

As the last few days of the month disappear and the count down begins to the cable shut down I noticed a couple things on the tv that made me think back to my teens. Does anyone remember the Body Break commercials? I'm not sure if they were nation wide, international or just in Ontario.

Anyone, back to the point. I think it's great that they have them back on but here is where I am confused. I remember back in the 90's that both the guy and the girl were ripped and they showed them running, skiing, biking etc etc. Most shown were in good shape.

Now speed up to the 2009 commercial. I swear the guy on there is sporting man boobs. The woman, sorry to those I'm about to offend, is sporting lots of junk in the trunk let alone what she managed to get in the cab. The first commercial I saw was based on sitting in front of the couch eating popcorn. Apparently it's healthy popcorn but it still should them sitting on the couch. Is this Participation??? Oh the next one was even better, it was about eating potatoes. I can feel the pounds just falling off.

The latest one would scare me back on the couch if I saw it. They said get out for a walk/run but things you may need to do after exercise included taking pain killers, or icing body parts along with stretching etc. Now the last is important but come on. Telling people that they may be in pain after getting their fat ass off the couch. Great encouragement. I tried to find one of the new commercials but I think they probably keep them hidden.

Oh none of the people on the commercial were umm whats the politically correct term that I should use? UMMM screw it none of them were thin. I've heard from a few women that clothing sizes have changed. The numbers are the same but they have seemed to be a little off.

Do I sound like a mean ass for saying this, maybe I am but I live in the world of common sense and pretty much think those commercials don't give anyone an incentive to get in shape but more to make a run to Mcdonald's drivethru come home to the couch and watch pro poker on the sports network. Don't get me started on that.

Ok I maybe shouldn't have had that extra coffee. Off to work, more bike stuff tomorrow.

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Jeff Moote said...

I haven't seen the new commercials, but from your description I am going to feel the same way you do if I do. I can't stand how mushy the initiatives to get people exercising are - it's no wonder none of them work.