Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To date

I'm far from creative this morning so I thought I would complain a little. I try not to complain about the weather. Can't change it but I thought I would list it to date for the 2009 race season.

Mansfield Ontario Cup

Saturday preride. Hot and dry,

Sunday Race Day Rain and cold

Monday Hot and dry

Albion Hills Ontario Cup

The week before Rain

Race day Rain and flooding in parts of the course

Marathon Race number one

Cold, really really cold 5-6 degrees at start time

Spring 8 hour

Actually a not bad day. No rain but cloudy around 16 degrees,

Canada Cup Hardwood Hills

So cold that it actually snowed. Crazy winds on top of that.

Ontario Cup London

As funny as it sounds, it was almost to hot. mid 20's but since it has been so cold it was almost mean. No rain but it was called for at anytime.

Summer Solstice 24 hours

So much rain that it was shortened to a 12 hour race. Just a crazy day.

Marathon Race number 3 Ganaraska

This was probably the nicest day for racing. It was sunny and warm. Again the body wasn't used to the heat. No arm bands or knee band needed.

Buckwallow, Ontario Cup.

No rain but at anytime

Hardwood Summer 8 hour

Yep another early shut down and lots of rain in a very short time.

It's been interesting this year. I have raced more times wearing arm bands and knee bands than not. Some races took me longer to clean my bike afterwards than the race itself took. Could this next round of racing be better? Could Mother Nature start running out of rain?? Could the prediction of cross season weather be the opposite of what it should be. Could I actually have to ride the trainer in July?

Gotta pull out the rain coat.


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Anonymous said...

hmmmm... perhaps one of my 2009 goals should not have been to improve riding ability in mud. Be careful what you wish for :-)

I apologize. Next year's goal is to improve ability riding in dry, sunny conditions.