Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buckwallow Race Report, oh wait I didn't race

Yep, I listened to Karma. Not sure if she was right or not but I have learned that you never argue with that woman. She is on par with Mother Nature. Very spiteful if you push them the wrong way. Regardless it was a great weekend.

Yesterday I headed out for a long road ride. The weather, pretty much the same crap we have had all summer. I know don't whine about the weather, no control over it. I half assed plotted a route at 7am and was on the bike by 8 heading towards Orillia by way of town line. My plan was a slightly extended route of one I took early spring. I've been wanting to see what new roads have been paved. Oro/Medonte is going to be the most popular place for roadies in the very near future.

Cruised past Bass Lake where I saw a mommy and baby duck trying to stay warm. Even the animal world is getting a little sick of this weather. I'll stop complaining, instead I'll tease you with this.

Not enough justice to show this awesome road. The 10th line is a great winding climb followed by the same thing going down hill. Oh one other small perk, NO TRAFFIC!!!

Rolled into Hardwood Ski and Bike to take advantage of their sink to top up some bottles. It was pretty quiet, why? Who knows. Did run into Terry from Northern Cycle. Short chat about the last marathon race and I was off to go play in the hills.

Started up the 2nd line which is another one of those beautifully paved roads with zero traffic.

Made my way over to the top of Horseshoe Valley. Great view of what I was heading for. Hills and lots of them.

Saw lots of these signs on my way north. I alternated climbing positions from standing to sitting every other hill. Since Heather wanted me to open things up a bit on some of the climbs I did my very bestest.

I hit the last big climb of Ogden's Beach road. Roughly 40 km of either going up or down. I was at the 4 hour mark of my ride at this point. Did a tour along the water front of the town that I used to live in. Made my way down to the subdivision that gave me the reason to leave the nice little town I grew up in.

Remember my post on the grain elevators that were the reason the town existed. This is all that is left of them.

Rolled back towards home via the rail trail. Finished up at 154km and 5 hour of pedal time. All done with lots of day time left. Woo hoo, an hour of running around had me back to the house with some time for a quick nap. I needed the nap since my most favoritest coach and her boyfriend were on their way to my place. They were on a mini vacation and one stop was my place for a visit. Bikes were pulled out again for a cruise along the rail trail to a great local waterfront restaurant. A few beers drank and I also attempted to eat the biggest potato skins appetisers ever.

Ya think???

Today was a little messed up. First off there is still two huge piles of dirt in my driveway and not where they should be. I won't even start into that one. SO with things in indecision which for me is just the most horrible evil cruelest thing that can happen to me. Yes Mr. organized/planner guy had zero control over his day. With that I figured I could head up and cheer on some teammates while I waited for my phone to ring. Buckwallow was packed. Good to see. Did my little tour around doing the "hey how are you and hearing the why are you not racing question more than once. I brought my partner in crime, the Molly Monster, who was way to strung out.

Headed back home just after the 1:30 racers went off. Congrats to Lee for killing it today in our division. Results are here for everyone.

So since I never got a phone call about the tractor coming to move dirt I loaded up a bike and my favorite training partner. I get to ride with some really great riders but I have to say that I enjoy solo rides with the Molly Monster. The month of July were supposed to be spent spending time with the dog since all the neglect of the crazy race season up to solstice. Hey what can I say, Molly is my kid.

We headed to Copeland forest, the plan, none really, just ride. What it developed into was me riding at my endurance race pace. This is my favorite pace. This is just below the point that I feel like complete death (Ontario Cup race pace) and just above basic endurance. I haven't ridden Copeland since the 1st marathon race. Pretty bad since I live 10 minutes away.

I found this new trail. Yes it's bermed, yes there was much more of it, yes it was lots of fun, no I don't know exactly where it is in Copeland.

Chasing the Monster. She may out climb me but I can still coast downhill faster than her.

Did I ever say that I love riding in the pine trees?

We finished up with Molly getting a quick dip in the lake before spinning back to the car. 2 hours of good paced singletrack riding and a lot of climbing. Overall this turned out to be a good weekend for training. Much more beneficial for the bigger goals of the season. There was a reason I wasn't supposed to race today, I'll see why soon enough.

I have a couple weeks with nothing. Next up is the Mountainview Ontario Cup followed by the 9 hour the next weekend. Things start to pick up from there. For now, I'm relaxing in the sunroom with my feet up. Check out Watson's blog for the rundown on the Elite's race.

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