Friday, July 10, 2009


Rolled out on the road bike yesterday to start putting a bit of a work load back into my legs. Recovery rides are done for this week. I did take a bunch of pictures with my Iphone while in motion and most seemed to have a thumb print or a sun glare so I'm forced to type a bit more.

Headed out to my favorite climbing area, Vasey line area, and turned west. The plan was some big climbs followed by some tempo work on the flats roads then return home through the hills. Yep that's what I did. The sluggish legs started to open up pretty quick.

Vasey line has some of the best signs on it, like this one.

What goes up gets to go down, quickly.

Another sign I saw but this one still disturbs me every time. The pedestrian with no feet sign. I've never ever seen someone walking without feet. Is this a fabled creature that only comes out at certain times? With no feet I can understand the warning, it probably couldn't go very fast. Could I be spending to much time thinking about things???

So with no sightings I kept things rolling. One nice sign happened to be the sun. I have yet to get a real tan line on my legs this year. More so because this summer has sucked to this point. It was down right hot on the ride, it was awesome.

Finished up the ride on the rail trail for a cool down. Lots of people enjoying our 3rd day of summer. The next sign I saw would be this.

The sign that I have lots of work to do this weekend. My big pile of dirt. It's interesting that the dirt showed up right around the same time that some of my friends have left the country(Quebec) for the National Championships. HMMM Good luck to everyone out there. Heard it's a great course.

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