Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interesting day

Well my best thought out plans for the weekend got a little turned around. Yesterday was a write off day with it spent on the couch. I did enjoy watching the tour and getting updates o the Canadian national xc race. Besides that I pulled the curtains closed so I didn't see how nice a day it was outside. Stupid beer. I'm back on the wagon.

Today started out great. Up early, full o energy. The plan was to get to buckwallow early to put in a couple hours on the road before meeting up with the club at 11 for a training ride on next weekend Ontario cup course. Got there with lots of spare time. Talked to mike, owner of buckwallow who helped me with a great loop. I really don't like riding the mountain bike on the road. It's boring and slow but this route was nice .

Great scenery in cottage country.

I didn't get any pictures off them but I saw more random doors leaning against trees. Why? I'm still wondering. He other interesting part of the ride was some of the homes. There were a few huge monster homes but it was the shacks that had me concerned. Every once in a while I swore I heard a banjo. This would be right about the perfect time to pick up he pace to tempo.

It was a great mix of pavement and gravel road with some rolling hills. Just under two hours with the quick section of single track before heading back to the parking lot. Erin was the first of the crew from mcc to show up. Apparently everyone was running behind. Well we can head out for a lap till they show

Buckwallow had filled up quickly with everyone planning on the same thing of a few laps. Started out with a sane pace. The first section of trail is fast and flowy. No pictures sorry. Out to the double track spinning easy. A quick split on q section that we do at 130 so Erin decided to meet me at the other end instead of following. Things are still good. There insnt much climbing at buckwallow but this is the meanest area for rocks (which is pretty much the trail) and lots of roots. The one rare climb is where things got messed up.

It's a short steep climb with a plateau between the roots and the rock face. I went first I got up with no problem. Everything at buckwallow is about the right line and momentum. If you only have one you are not going to make it. Erin had the line but lost a bit of traction on the roots. She got stalled up and fell to her left. Everyone says don't reach to catch yourself. Of course it's q natural reaction to reach. Unfortunately what she reached for was rocks and roots. Not good. A few minutes of catching her breath and the decision was easy to start walking back.

A couple quick assessments from people, looks like we are hospital bound. A couple more team mates showed up at the right time. A few phone calls were made and Erin was loaded up in my car for the trip to Orillia hospital.

I've seen more than my share of hospitals. At least this time it's not for me. I'm currently typing this on my iPhone. Technology is great. It's better than watching the infomercials they are showing on the tv. I've ordered a juicer already.

I'm doubting I will get back on the bike this afternoon. I'll try to get a few more miles in Tomorrow since it's back to training. Will finish this post tomorrow with pictures.


Poor Erin broke her radius. Season is pretty much done for her. What sucks is that Buckwallow and her home course of Mountainview were the next two races and the best suited to her riding. Technical. She is a stubborn and determined woman, you will probably see her out doing something sooner than expected.

More later

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