Friday, July 3, 2009

Beating her at her own game

For some strange reason I've managed to beat Mother Nature the last 3 days. Each day it's rained steady except for my ride time. Had a few drops on last nights tour up to Honey Harbour but that's it.

A couple hours before my ride I didn't something a normally don't do. I ate a chocolate bar. Yes, I have had them in the past but not during the work day. I actually got a bit of a sugar headache and the shakes. Well at least it worked well with me doing intervals since I was strung out.

Just proves that I'm more of a salty guy than sweet. Pretty much matches my personality. Salty equals crusty, crusty equals grumpy. Some days. Mellow day as I get prepped for the weekend. The fence is leaning more and more.


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