Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Playground

That's what Mountainview was last night. Lots of out of towners coming to play in our sandbox. I think everyone had fun. It's always wild seeing Mountainview busy. Once race day shows up you'd never know it was the same place.

I had a bit of a guideline to stick to tonight. I did my very very very bestest to stick to it. Lots of really fast people here along with the usual interclub challenges. I kept things in check the first lap. No killing it but hard enough to get what I was supposed to be doing. I didn't want to be at race pace the whole time which of course with the climbing here is very hard not to.

I ended up riding with Dr. Bill and Mark C. letting both of them set the pace the first lap and the start of the second lap. Just flowed the course. Kept things clean but started to try different lines on the downhill sections. Hitting the midway point I started to get the craving to go a little harder. As we hit the last tough climb (Glassford's Grind) I picked it up to race pace. My legs felt great. This section is short steep switchback climbs which suits my technical riding.

I gaped both the guys by about 10-15 seconds by the midway point of the climb when I heard Mark call out asking if I was using my granny gear in this section. NOPE, as I shifted one harder and put more time into them. Of course the pay off of Glassford's grind is the techy downhill of Last Resort. I let the Anthem do it's thing. Did I ever mention how much I love my Anthem's and 4 inches of travel???

Kept the pace up high coming across the line putting about 30 seconds into Mark by the time I crossed the line. I was in the top 10 overall, it was a pretty good gauge since a few of the guys there are in my division. Heard lots of good things about the course and the odd bad thing. Most of the bad things were kinda funny. It has no flow was one of them. If you go just a little bit faster there is lots of flow.

We did attempt to videotape chunks of the race. I am not the director or the camera man. What I didn't do was show Tristan how my video camera works. Please turn you monitors on their side.

I've only added this one because I'm concerned that I will get hate mail from people saying their monitor fell off the desk trying to watch.

Overall I'm happy with my ride last night, love the course, and had fun. I also met a few more readers last night. I'm really not sure what to say sometimes when someone comes up to me and says they read my blog. As funny as it sounds I almost turn shy and lost for words. Ya, me lost for words as funny as it sounds. Thank you for listening to my rants. Send me links to your blogs and I'll add it to my links. Ummm that or it means I can cyberstalk you!! Hey what goes around comes around.

So update on my post from yesterday. I will get into the Great Refrigerator round up this weekend. Not sure which day yet since I'm going to try and do a few fun rides this weekend. I also need the time to type since it will be a long post. I'm hoping that a few of you will find some great information from it. I'm guessing at this point it will be up Monday morning. Being a long weekend I'll be able to put a pot of coffee into me which will be needed.

On the appliance side don't hesitate to email me if you have problems. Helped Danielle Musto fix her washer and dryer by email last year after the Sears guy told her to toss them. It cost her 20 dollars in parts. Oh and Scott got to take a hammer to one of them. Come on how often have you wanted to do that???

Gotta work. It's Friday. Later


Scott Mac said...

Don't be shy when someone tells them they read your blog... say 'Thank you and ask them to tell you a bit about themselves.'

Its a good opener and conversation starter. They already know lots about you.. I would think its only fair and it allows you to learn something about your readership.

Think about it...

So next time you see the guy in the red Espana t-shirt who comments about you not riding an OCup race (in hindsight a wise choice - buckwallow was rough) you'll know who I am.

Kris said...

I yelled "hey, I read your blog" but wanted to tack on "and the appliance one was a banger!" but i only got out the first half.

great course you guys have there at Mountainview! Maybe see you next Thursday too.


Matt Spak said...

Kris you were riding so fast that the words couldn't catch up. I'll be there again on Thrusday. I'm also doing a little bit of an epic ride at MTV tomorrow. more on that later.

Scott. For sure, I guess I just have to realize that the numbers that show up on the stat counter are actually real people.
See you at the next race.

Of course anyone who reads this stuff and wants to grab a beer sometime. I like keith's and stella

Andy said...

Im going to keep my comments to myself about that switchback climb, but remind me monday night and ill give you my rant.

Anonymous said...

The switchback climb rules. That's what mountain biking used to be all about, before the courses turned into buff and smooth roadie courses. I think people who have not raced there are about to figure out what kind of technical abilities they really have. Some may be pleasantly surprised, and some may be disappointed (and they'll no doubt blame it on the course).