Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just another day

Well I ended up doing something I really hate to do. It’s just down right boring and blah. It’s probably going to sound pretty minor when I say it but some of you may understand. What is it?? I road my mountain bike on the road. Ya that’s it., I know pretty lame.

My original ride plans got altered because the new trailer hitch for the Element didn’t show up. The new ride plan. Ride from home to Mountainview for the group ride, put a few laps in, add some base miles somewhere else then ride home with a grand plan of hitting 5 hours.

Headed out the rail trail, the best warm up and cool down route around. I did learn something today. Triathletes do not like being passed by mountain bikers. Especially when they are on noisy knobby tires. I did try not to giggle to much.. He was very aero in those bars though.

Made my way through the one of the local parks along the Wye River. One big BBQ.

Rolled into Mountianview about an hour into the ride. Being a long weekend and a Saturday there were only a few members out. Between cottages and the group road ride. Did a lap of the easier course since the few that were there were sport level riders. It’s a great course for them. I kinda hope the 9 hour will be very close to the same.

Went of for a few laps by myself. Main focus, stay aerobic. That is a very hard thing at Mountainview.

Hey Andrew do you know where this sign sends us??? After a couple more laps. I decided to head back out for some road miles. I did what I could to avoid paved roads.

Ended up on some atv trails when everything just cleared and I saw this random big pile of dirt. I got a little nervous expecting to see the 5 foot high ants.

Stayed on the atv trails until I ran out of them. This put me back in Midland and I made a cruise along the water front to the town docks.

Someone has way to much money. I swear that thing is twice the size of my house.

I like these a little more. I must be getting old. What a great way to spend the summer.

Kept at the waterfront trails for the way home.

At the end of the ride things totaled up like this.
5 hours riding.
3 laps of the course
2.5 hours of dirt and singletrack

2.5 hours on the paved rail trail and roads
1 happy cyclist.

On the ride today I realized a couple things. My race season is flying by and will be done sooner than I realized. In 6 weeks from now I’ll be in Michigan with Jacob yelling and throwing bottles at me as I bitch about his poor tuning job on my bikes lap after lap.

It’s almost scary how fast the summer is going by. Of course the weather has been crap as you know. I still stick to it that cross season will be all rainbows and butterflies. With that said I have three main goals for this season. I’m not telling yet what they are or if I have accomplished it yet. Gotta give you reasons to keep coming back.

For now I’m going to relax in the sunroom and watch a movie as I start getting the things organized for the refrigerator smack down post ready.


Anonymous said...

The boat is owned by the guy who created Beavis and Butthead. A friend was talking with the crew, and they said it costs about $40,000 in gas to fill the tank, and they get three days (72hrs) out of that. The crew said they were limited in where they could go, as it can't be more than 3 days from the nearest gas. So, no long water crossings for them.

Matt Spak said...

huh huh huh huh you said butt.