Thursday, August 27, 2009

decisions decisions

Out on my ride last night I spent half the time focused on the scenery and the other half of the time debating what to do for the weekend. Headed out on the Big Chute Loop with a few extra left and right turns to put me up to a 3 hour ride.

Some of the reasons I love this route.

And reasons I added extra turns. Could hang out here all day.

Great ride except for the fact that my knees started to ache. It's not that it was a hard ride but when I got out of the sun it was down right cold. I was missing my knee bands for sure. It's that tie again when I need to start carrying both them and my arm bands.

I did see one other thing that did not amuse me, leaves on the ground, gasp!!!!!! No.

Ok so back to the other thought and that is what do I do this weekend. Ontario Cup Provincial Championships is on Sunday. So my options are race or train. I've been weighing the options heavily

Race pro's
It's fun, Intensity training, upgrade points, overall ranking, technical training. race a place I haven't been before.

Race cons
It's supposed to rain, Kelso is clay, possibility of not being able to pre ride on Saturday, Another weekend away from home and the Molly Monster. If it's rains it will turn into a running race again and I won't run at all.

Training pros
over double the hours on the bike than if I race. I can control the intensity, route.

Training cons
I'll be tired.

I've raced every weekend for the last month and this would be one more race that I would have to travel and stay overnight down south. Heather has offered me her place which is close to the venue. That does make it a bit better. Right now I have work commitments first thing Saturday morning, finally getting my trailer hitch put on the Element. Ok I'm hoping it will be done.

It would mean racing home packing the car and racing to Kelso hoping that the weather holds off to get a few laps in of the course. Then Sunday hang out in the morning race then deal with cottage traffic heading back home Sunday afternoon. The 407 is mint and I'd miss most of the traffic but it also means having Mom having to take the Molly Monster for another weekend.

Speaking of the dog, the following two and half weeks she will be at Mom's more than she will be home. Next weekend I'm at a wedding in Ottawa, I come back for two days then I'm heading to Michigan for 5 days. No Molly. This also brings up the travelling. 10 plus hours of driving next weekend followed by 20 hours plus of driving a few days later with the trip to Michigan and back. . Do I really want to sit in the Audi in traffic again this weekend. hmmm

Now the training weekend spiel. No it's not a cake walk, actually the race option would be the easier weekend. What my total hours of riding for the weekend if I race is equal to what I would be doing on Saturday alone. Heather sent me options for both the race weekend or training and right now Saturday is a puke ride with some serious intensity. I can meet up with the Saturday morning road crew and see what type of damage I can do to them or vice versus watch my ass get dropped.

Sunday is a 5 hour endurance ride. I'm looking at things with my end goal in focus, 24 hour of Hanson Hills. What would be more beneficial for this. Of course it's a pretty simple answer. I'm not fully leaning in either direction at this point. I think the decision will be made more on Friday night. That is why I put the poll up. I may or may not be influenced by it.

What to do, what to do, I know get more coffee!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kelso wouldn't be a running race at all in the rain, The main fireroad climb is gravel and the top wouldn't get muddy its hardpacked clay. Its slick but not deep. O-cup there back in 2000 in the pissing rain and it was no problem. p.s. sunday actually looks nice. p.s.s. wouldn't you rather race in the rain instead of train in it?

Scott Mac said...

Seems that you've already made your mind up - you just don't know it.

We'll miss your presence at the OCup Finals... Best of Luck at Hanson Hills!