Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost time for the fun to begin

Last nights right was put on hold by a very convincing storm cloud. We had a tornado warning for our area. Ya that's a pretty good reason to stay off the bike. It was great though the grocery stores were empty.

I used the time to be productive. Weather for the weekend is exactly what should be expected. They are calling for rain all weekend and that brings back flash backs to Summer Solstice. I talked to a few team mates yesterday and they mentioned they were bringing their single speeds, just in case. Great idea. At least it's easier to run in the mud with than my Anthem. I'm almost inclined to bring my cross bike.

I did spend a little more than 30 seconds getting it ready, the chain runs straight!!! There is only one gear on the back. It's amazing how proper spacers work. I'm kinda in confusion on what to bring for food etc. This 10 person team thing will be something new for me on that side of it.

Pack Beer check,
some food check
a couple bikes check
pack beer check
a few race kits check
lights check
beer check
pop up 10x10 tent

I think that's all I need, not sure if I will be partaking in the Friday night festivities at this point. Heather and Jason are staying at my place this weekend and using it as a jump off point for some coaching sessions. Either way I think I will be having a few beers tonight.

Time for work

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