Friday, August 28, 2009

The count down has begun

For what, Christmas??? Nope for Michigan. I spent a few hours last night tearing down both Anthem's and giving things a good cleaning, checking everything with a fine tune comb. There is a lot more planning for this race than anything I've done in the last few years. More so the fact that I'm limited on space of the station wagon. I also won't be able to make a phone call and have Mom stop by the house and pick it up anything I forgot. I will be bringing a great mechanic to this race. Jacob will be pulling double duty of feed/mechanic and honorary beer drinker at 3am.

It's 2 weeks till the race but less than that for departure. Wow, the season has just flew by. I swear I was sitting in this same spot typing 5 months ago thinking wow it's a long season but it went by fast.

Once the race is done and over with I will take on Peter's contest at full force. Big Ring has attempted to smack talk me but his placement in this contest is pretty much equal to how he places in a race. Back, way back. Maybe you should just sit and drink your Kool-Aid in the corner.

I actually don't care if I win the contest even though I would probably put the bike frame up on ebay and donate the money to charity, or bail. Looks like it's a close call right now about me going out on a complete bender if I get out the door alive or racing. Both leave you feeling completely trashed the next day. Both will make you want to puke if you go to hard to fast. Only one of them could get me shot.

Undecided at this point.

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