Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good versus Evil

That's right folks, I made myself get up a little earlier than I wanted to make sure I typed this. Actually I wanted coffee and this was a time killer while it brewed. AWWWWW sweet coffee.

Well it's race day and I will be taking on the Empire. The continued battle of good verses evil, white versus black, David versus Goliath, Luke versus Vader, gears versus no gears. I have more but I'll never get to Mountainview on time.

Bikes are ready, Legs are?????. We will see. Food last night was added with some carb loading beer. It's going to be a hot one both on the course and in general. Should have a race report up sometime tomorrow in between eating sessions. Yes the all you can eat breakfast buffet is already planned for Sunday morning.
Gotta go ride a bike.


Ryan said...

Hey Matt, I like the new title image for your blog. :p

Good work at the race yesterday. You were looking strong all day long.

Matt Spak said...

Thanks for the great pictures Ryan. Don't get many that look that good that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for.