Friday, August 7, 2009

Predictable and unpredictable

The next block of racing is about to start. Yes this is very predictable. I'm getting anxious. I love racing more than training for racing. So what are we looking at that is very predictable?? The weather. Looks like it's going to be perfect 2009 race conditions. Rain.

Was up at Mountainview again last night. Honestly a little bit of rain will be a good thing. With the increase in traffic from the last two weekly series along with the extra club rides and the fantastic sunny days of the last two weeks the course is dry. There were dust clouds.

I'm feeling pretty confident on the course. I'll spend one more session first thing tomorrow morning. Legs are feeling as Olympic as they should. The next 6 weeks are nuts so this is a good thing. 4 weekends in a row of racing, one week off then the last 24 hour for the season. Don't think, just pedal.

In other interesting news. The Hot August Nights team. Some strange things have been happening. More random injuries. First we lost Jeremy to a rock that should have never moved. HMMM??? One random crash is one thing but now there was another attempt to take out a rider. Jacob is now nursing a few cracked ribs. Apparently the lake just reached out and punched him in the chest. As much as I would like to believe that these are completely unrelated I can't. Even back to Erin's broke wrist, maybe that was supposed to be setup for me but I was leading and not following at that section of the course.

There is this really shady team that I'm thinking is 100 percent responsible. Most of you know who the team is. They try to look like cross country racers but deep down we know they are that shady freeride type. I've seen at least one of them wearing baggy shorts and a downhiller's jersey. I won't name names here but we all know there continued attempt to bring down the Monday Night Something. Now rumours are flying around that they are all scared and have even attempted to bring in riders from other factory teams. I'm guessing that this is cheaper for them than hiring a hit man to take us out.

The Monday Night Something will survive. As mentioned in previous posts. The team strategy has changed slightly. We are not 100 percent concerned on winning but we will make sure this unnamed team loses even if it means childish behaviour. For most of us this won't be to hard.

Off to work.

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