Friday, August 14, 2009

Round???? Mountainview 9 hour warm up

Made my way up to Mountainview again last night. I've been there more in the last 3 weeks that I have all year. Back to back races seem to do that. Last night was the prep ride of the 9 hour course. Yes, I know I will see the course an excessive number of times but this is one place it's important to pre ride.

Thomas came up with a great loop. Not as mean with climbing like the Ontario Cup but still enough to make you hurt. There is only one main climb this year and that is the ski hill switchback. No not the start hill climb but the one that we went up on the rest of the laps.

One thing some may be concerned of was water/mud trail damage. It was minimal after last weekend and it will be cleaned up by the end of the day. Things are almost dry in there and same as the trail work by the end of the day it will be perfect.

Things about the course. It's well, it's what Mountainview is becoming famous for. It's got some great fast flowy sections on the top and bottom of the hill where you have to be smooth and off the brakes. We are running some of the sections that were in the O-Cup in reverse. It messed me up a little and one of the technical decent had me grabbing for the brakes a little more than I normally would. Yes it's technical. Not killer but enough that makes it a challenge every lap. There are the great off camber single track log sections and yes just random rock piles in the trail.

First lap was very very interesting. The club was kinda sorta racing, everyone went off in their granny gear I swear, after last weekend I guess legs are still missing. After having the last course so embedded in my brain I found myself coming to a dead stop a few times. One of them was when I came off the double track into twisty treat at full speed expecting to go straight. What is that comment, keep your head up? Ya well when I did get my head up I noticed that I need to turn left, about 2 feet ago. Stupid tree!!! Most of the lap was like that. Trying to get one course out of my mind and ride with my eyes open. Second lap was a little bit better. As for the club members finish. Pretty much a cruise for most of them.

I'd say that the course is 75-80 percent single track which is usually not the case in most 8 hours. A mountain bikers course. Now here is another highlight for all the fence sitters out there. There is DAY OF registration. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE The weather is looking perfect, get your bike ready to roll and come have fun. Oh one last thing. We have pie!!!

My legs yesterday, well they were keeping up when I stood up. Well I have a few hours tomorrow to find them. Should be a great day.

Oh ya you should really click here also. Just do it, it will only hurt for a moment. Did you do it???

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Peter Keiller said...

For the record.
I clicked for you today too.
It would be awesome if a local'ish boy gave that thug Dicky a run. Or the runs.

We are going to need to talk during a few of the many laps this weekend, your readership seems to have some sort of sickly perversion that forces them to read you then go on to me...

Is it akin to a lady friend running to brush their teeth after, well, you know...i don't know.