Saturday, August 29, 2009

bad math

Well I added up the numbers and then times them by 6 to get the square root of pie and it pretty much came up with what I thought was going to happen. I'm fore going provincials. Lots of factors came into play on this decision. Actually there are lots of factors on what my training will be like this weekend also.

Work has been absolutely crazy these last few weeks and it always gets worse when I get ready for holidays. To add to the challenge, one of the guys was on holidays last week. How does that work, isn't the boss supposed to go first and everyone else gets the left overs?? Either way I've felt tired this week and could even see it in my heart rate versus effort during rides. I rode last night in Copeland and ended up shutting the effort down and just worked on technical riding for an hour.

That is the biggest influence, more than the weather and travel. The last thing I need to do is push my body beyond, not this close to the end. Of course as I look out at the crap weather I'm not disappointed. I wouldn't have been able to preride the course, looks like they will probably have it shut down to save it for tomorrow. The Chico guys have had this evil black cloud hanging over them this season. Actually every race organizer has been fighting the weather.

My training is a play it by ear on how I feel which means intensity may or may not happen, indoor riding could happen if the rain really hammers and lots of rest on the couch will definitely happen.

I'll at least be productive and start packing gear since next weekend is a write off with a wedding. Looks like the boys will be going go carting on the Friday night. HMMM I wonder if they want to see my drivers abstract before they give me the keys to a go kart.

Time to get moving, attempt number 4 to get a trailer hitch put on my my work truck this morning. Bringing a bike and heading out for the Saturday morning group ride. It's been a while since I've been out with them, they ride pretty low key so I'm bringing one of the Anthem's to make it at least a little harder. Plus if I get bored or tired I can just drift off into the bush.

Photos? Maybe? More tomorrow? Definitely. I may still rob a beer store.


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Matt Spak said...

soft maybe, smart in this case very much so, ride to day went to shit. I did nap like a champion. Right not I'm more concerend on being healthy and not tired for Michigan. Call it what you may it was the only choice.

velotaku said...

I have lost faith in the democratic process.