Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can't find it when you're looking

Because of the 24 hour this weekend Heather has gently persuaded me to put a long ride in during the week. I think the ratio of laps ridden to beers being consumed will not balance out a good weekend of training. Well after a late morning stop at Starbuck's with Andrew to set some rules about what is allowed and what isn't the evening ride plans were set. Oh as for the rules, I suggest other racers walk around with main coats on at all times to start.

The plan, park at Copeland Forest in search of of the infamous berms and continue by as much trail as possible across Horsehoe Valley eventually making it to the the 8th line grid for a loop and the return. With the start time though it meant a couple hours of night. Perfect.

Met up with Andrew at 6 and he was already injured before we started. A random (straticgically) placed bee's nest sent one of it's warrior's to try and put Norco's fast guy on the slow list. He missed his target of the shifting finger and stung him on his forearm. I conveniently was not there at that time and I have an alibi to prove it.

It wasn't long until we started climbing. Yes Copeland and climbing go hand in hand. Remember the 1st Marathon race 7500 ft of climbing in 55km. I couple fell my legs were still not recovered from the weekend but the last thing you show your competition is your weakness. I think the huffing and puffing killed my attempts of covering it.

We toured around Copeland for about an hour or so searching for berms. My last two rides I found them with no problems, today, because I was looking really hard not a chance in hell. Headed out towards the 5th line and back on to some snowmobile trails before cutting through Sugar bush.

I haven't ridden this grid all season, I forgot how much fun it is. Still daylight so we could see the trail really well but that didn't stop this from happening.

Another one of those randomly (strategically) place roots just reached out and grabbed the front wheel. Hey is that poison ivy you're laying in???

This was a nice site, Not me but the fresh new pavement over my shoulder.
A loop around the 8th reminds us why we don't like to ride the 8th as much at this time of the year. It was also why we saw lots of cars at Copeland and zero cars at the 8th. The wonderful raspberry bushes. My forearms look like hell. Still fun trails.

We were at the mid way point at this point and time to fire up the lights. We still did one of those lets turn left here type return to start. When we rolled back towards Copeland we got some strange looks from all the rider drinking beer at the back of their cars. Buy some lights, ride longer!!! So I'll say it before he spreads rumours about what didn't really happen.

Coming down one trail system there was a big rock pile, huge rock pile to be precise. Andrew was leading, stalls at the top and then takes the very narrow rock ramp. I got to the top and was just about to go when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this flash of red. I stopped and looked quickly. I swear I say at least two Norco Jerseys disappear behind a tree. I think I'll walk down this. I made some excuse about not enough momentum etc etc to cover it up.

We rolled back into the car 3.5 hours after starting. Great ride, lots of climbing. My legs felt good by about an hour into the ride and my night riding eyes are back for this weekend. Much better than spending the time on the road.

So the team for this weekend.

Brendan Matheson
Ben Dawson
Jacob McClelland
Tristan Spurr
Colin Scott
Scott Irwin
Chris Wong (may have bike issues)
a possible mystery Trek rider

I 've heard that Peter is putting a team together now too to add into the mix in the Expert division.

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