Wednesday, August 5, 2009

just pedalling around

Ok now back to bike stuff. Spent the evening up at Mountainview again last night. The club is very determined to dominate this weekend. In most division we hopefully will. Me I'm looking for a top 10 on my home course.

My ride itself was pretty low key. It's a recovery week so I think Heather has Gremlins hiding around both my Anthem's. Mondays attempt of a ride which I was not supposed to do at all ended up with me having a flat 15 minutes in. Last night was drama free but I also didn't push my luck. I wonder if Karma and Heather are working together to keep me from over doing things?

Spent the first lap working with a couple club members, showing a few new lines and different tactics. The girls are going ti kill it this weekend. Spent the next lap reassessing the way I'm planning on racing. I'm very programed into endurance strategy and pace. Where to attack and where to be reserved. It works well in most cases but there are places I need to push when normally I wouldn't. Should be interesting and I hope I get the results I'm looking for.

The course it self is awesome . If you are interested in a few highlights check this out from club member/club mechanic Nick. Hopefully he will be in the course doing the same thing again.

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