Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Monday After

The Monday night ride last night was perfect again. Even though there were severe thunderstorm warnings along with threats of the tornadoes, hurricanes lions and tigers and bears and sharks with fricken lasers on their heads,nope none of it would happen.

Small group out but still fun, unfortunately Tristan blew a chain about 10 minutes into the ride. SO with the years of racing and the years of each of us working on our bikes or others there wasn't a tool to be found on any bikes. It's not that long of a walk out. Just make the sound of a dying giraffe if you get into problems and we will start searching for you. I did hear a few noises during the ride.

The ride was finished off with the parking lot smack talk about the race Sunday but more on the biggest most important race of the whole world. The 24 hour of Hot August Nights. Of course the two battling teams were there. There were those shady flat pedal type from Norco (he was just one of them there) that are MNS members along with a few of us. I'm not sure if any of us will ever actually get on our bikes with the immature tactics that will be used. Scott has put the age limit at 14 so nothing allowed that anyone older than that would consider.

It's back to training this week. Recovery weeks suck, my legs don't like them. I don't want to go into this weekend feeling flat. The weather is actually looking perfect at this point.

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