Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It was an attempt at something a little different tonight. Put the single speed on the roof of the car and headed south to Albion Hills. They run a weekly race series that just happen to be using the Hot August Nights course for Tuesday's event. Get a couple things done at once.

My former (it abused me) race bike from last season is now my slammed together single speed. When I say slammed together I mean it. After adding the Misfit cog that Peter was so nice to bring to me on the weekend I ran into a problem. Spacing was all different so I pretty much scrambled around finding anything I could to fill in the gaps. This basically meant there were a few extra cogs shoved on the free hub. I onced over the alignment at the back and it looked not to bad. I should have spent a little more than a once over on it.

The race, it was a pretty big group for the mass start. Hammered up the start loop , long double track section and fell back to mid pack. There is something to be said about a big ring which I was missing tonight. Mr. Peter and the Lepper got ahead of me by a few feet. HMMMM can't have this.

As we hit the first climb I stood up and put a little power down. I shocked myself a little thinking my legs would scream at me at even attempted to attack a climb. A little zig and zagging and passed a dozen or so people. Didn't make a smart ass comment at all when I went past the Misfit crew. Am I growing up??? Nawww. I was more focused on the noise coming from my chain.

Kept motoring along for another km before the next climb. That's when I should have known I was in trouble. Dropped the chain but not to the inside but to the outside of the chain ring. Took a second to clue in what happened. A second in weekly race series times means half the pack when flying by.

Finally regrouped and got into the single track. All good, I think . Oh there is that sound again. Maybe another half k and we hit the next climb where I needed to stand. There she blows. Snapped it in two places, no tools, no power link, no chain break. Start walking. Race was over, rode about 10 minutes, scooter pushed a bit and coasted the rest. It was fun.

So what and why did it happen? Was it Karma telling me to have another easy day before picking things up tonight? Maybe. Was it Peter?? Is there a chip in that cog that when he feels the need to take me down he press the button and my chain disintegrates? I believe in Karma but I think this time it was Peter not wanting me to play in the sandbox of Albion Hills against his Empire. It was his fault that I was drinking way to many beers while setting up the bike Sunday afternoon. I will get my revenge. I will spend a grand total of one full beer on the repair of the single speed and one full beer on the chain alignment issue. I have the proper parts now.

On another note, Albion Hills from what I did ride looks amazing. After the mud fest of the last 24 hour you would have never known there was ever a problem. One of the sections coming up towards the timing tent previously looked like an ocean of mud around the pine trees. Now it's a buff single track switch back again. The Chico guys did an amazing job. I'm really looking forward to this weekends festivities. Apparently there is still room to register. What are you waiting for????

Epic training ride planned for tonight. With pictures

In response to Team Dicky's comment yesterday., Al Gore emailed me last night. He said that if I give him all those carbon credits I bought on Ebay and Kiiji that I can stay. I guess he is running a little short this month and was afraid he wouldn't be able to leave all the lights on in the manision this week.

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