Monday, August 17, 2009

A little this a little that

What do do on a rest day after a very long race. Anything I want!!! Started out with the Sunday breakfast buffet with some of the MCC. Yes Andrew the club gives hugs and they go out for breakfast. Doesn't the Barrie CC suck in comparison?

Next up was damage control on the bike. At least I only had one bike to take care of.

A little inspection of the front wheel that I didn't really race on answered all my thoughts. No Stan's left, dry as a bone. It's almost amazing that I hadn't flatted sooner.

I finally got out to do one of my other most favoritist things. I hadn't put my canoe in the water this year until yesterday. Pretty bad considering I live 2 minutes from the water. This is normally something I do on a rest day. Well it's been that kind of summer.

Molly attempting to get comfortable.

She loves the canoe almost as much as me. Stopped in a few areas in the bay for her to jump in and chase the wildlife. I may not be a hunter but I'm a really good pisser offer.

Last up was a trip to my favorite restaurant. I was feeling lazy about cooking yesterday, understandable. Grabbed the fixie and spun out on the rail trail. It's a nice 45 minute round trip spin, my legs actually felt pretty good.

You can decide if this was taken before or after a beer or two on the deck.

It's single speed ride night. Speaking of that, you should click here again. There is a storey to this and I will explain more tomorrow. Tell your friends, even the non cycling ones to come here and click this WORD. Fun isn't it? There is a really really big reason why everyone should do it.

More tomorrow, back to the day to day today.

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