Monday, August 17, 2009

win, lose or dare? Better yet double dog dare!!!

That's right I double dog dare you. Ok so what is up with me sending you to the Misfit site? Why have I pushed in such a nice gentle way with the grace of a sledgehammer in a glass room. Because Peter is doing a contest. I'll be straight out I really don't care if I win or lose. Ok let's just say that I would rather win than lose but it's more I want to do what I can to make this guy not win.

It's a lot like our team mindset for this weekend's race. Not to win but to make the Norco Factory Team loose at any cost. This could mean spiked water bottles with 80proof, bear hug tackles at the start line, waterballons attacks at 3 am. There are no rules. Speaking of the 24 hour Peter is now bringing out a team to play dirty against us. Could make for a very interesting race.

Ok back to the original point. Yes I'm typing this in the evening. This means no coffee to fuel my imagination. Yep that's right folks I'm powered by the other dark coloured drink of choice. So why am I trying to take out Team Dicky?? Boredom? naw.

I think it's like the little battle of the north and the south. The Canadians taking on the Americans. I like the Americans, they have more bombs than I do so no mater what I like them. They can blow you up wheeeellll good. I just thought that since Peter is a Canadian based company that maybe just maybe there should be a Canadian winner. Come on the Americans have taken everything from us from our trees, water, metals, gas a nd have now started into our actual important things like the Stanley Cup, Tim Hortons coffee and most of our beer companies. The only thing left is curling and Misfit Psycles. I've seen a couple cars with US plates at Glen Howard's mother's place in the last few days. HMMM we could lose him too.

So here is my poor excuse of a plea. Tell all your friends, even the ones that (gasp) don't ride bikes to come read my shit for a couple days and press the button at the bottom. Even easier tell them they can just scroll through everything, ignore all the crap I type and just push the button. Wait I'll make it even easier, I'll put the button at the top of every single post just to save them time.

In the end if you tell 3 friends and those 3 friends each tell 3 friends and so on and so on we can beat The Dicky. I promise that Avon will not knock on you door after you do this. The double dog dare is on!!!!

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dicky said...

I have contacted Al Gore.
You will be banned from the internet soon enough Mr Spak.