Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mountainview and the people who ride it.

Recovery weeks always have me digging for something to yap about. This time it was really easy. This was posted on a MTBR forum a couple days ago after another rider came up to our weekly series which is using the Ontario Cup course. A few club members have seen this and end up having huge smiles on their faces.

Here is the description of Mountainview and the MCC as described from a first timer.

I went up to pre-ride last Thursday. Here are my impressions from my initial visit to MountainView.

No, it's not on "the escarpment." It's on a small ski hill about 70km across the bay from "the escarpment."

Yes, there is a ton of climbing. The kind that hurts so good.

No, don't leave the granny gear at home.

Yes, the climbing is tough.

No, it does not resemble any of the other O-Cup courses. It's much tougher. It's actually a mountain bike course.

No, it's not a ROADIE course. Roadies will be crying, and asking for Albion. This is for mountain bikers that race.

Yes, it's rooty.

Yes, the locals are fast. They wear bright blue jerseys. Find them. Make friends with them. Ask them where the good lines are.

Yes, I raced the course on Thursday night.

No, I didn't see any of the locals after the first climb. They were gone.

Yes, there are some faster lines that will make big time differences. Study the course and figure them out, or follow a local on the pre-ride.

Yes, I need to get up there again and pre-ride.

Yes, there are switchback climbs.

No, I do not envy the singlespeeders.

Yes, there is a guy in the bush yelling "GIV'ER!!!"

No, we don't see that type of thing at Albion.

Yes, you will be breathing hard.

No, it's not "somewhat technical." It's very technical. Roots, turny, off-camber...good stuff.

Yes, it's got flow - if you ride it fast. Brake gently, and carry speed through the turns and up the climbs.

Yes, you will actually need technical skills. Remember what those are?

No, I don't mean technical repair skills.

Yes, it's got some big rocks in the way. Learn to ride over them.

No, you don't want to just "wing it."

Yes, it's also got a kick ass rock garden. Ride it. Love it. Find the fast line.

No, I don't feel sympathy for the singlespeeders. They choose that way of life, and they will face adversity on this course
Yes, the majority of riders will be in for a shock.

No, it's not a bad shock. It's more of a reality check.

Yes, you will figure out quickly whether you are a good "technical" rider or not.

Yes, it is mostly singletrack, so you had better know the course so you know where to pass.

No, there is not a lot of passing opportunity in the singletrack. It's constantly up, down, left, right, rooty, etc. Know the passing zones. Be one with the passing zones. Because like Cadboury mini eggs, they are there for a limited time only.

Yes, it starts with a lungbusting climb straight up the ski hill.

No, the climb is not a big ring climb, but you can try it and see what happens.

Yes, the course is a welcome change from the "roadie" courses that seem to be taking over.

Yes, the course kicks ass. It will most likely kick your ass!!!

Yes, it's worth the drive up for a pre-ride or two.

Yes, MountainView should remain on the circuit as a standard stop.

And yes, I hope the guy in the bush yelling "GIV'ER" is there on race day. He's freakin awesome.

I'll be up there again tonight listening for comments from more newbie's.

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