Monday, August 31, 2009

ID the body

Got a great present this weekend. My little sister cares. That or she wants to find out if it's me dead on the road so she can take a couple of my bikes. Ok maybe not the last option. This is something that everyone who rides alone should be wearing.

It came in this shiny metal box. I like shiny things.
This is the smartest simplest thing to carry, has name, 3 contact phone numbers and religious views, mine informs them that the best views are from my bike so they can do what ever it takes to get me back on it.

I've always had a few of those what if thoughts out on long rides, this usually happens just after I've been buzzed by a car. My normal supplies for a ride are 2-3 bottles, $20, iPhone, and a repair kit. Time to add this to the list. With the amount of time I spend training alone why didn't I have one of these sooner. Thanks Jenn.

Here is a link to the site, ROAD ID.

It's Monday, single speed ride tonight, stories to be told. It's also 4 days till holidays!!!


Les said...

That's a good idea - all roadies who ride alone (and dirt bikers and skiers too) should include that information somewhere. I've used a different method for the last few years. I have all that information on a little sticker inside my helmet...just in case I become roadkill sometime.

Matt Spak said...

I used to put the tag in the helmet also but what if it's an injury like motor cyclists where they don't want to take off your helmet. This works awesome.

jenn said...

it's great for biking but i also plan to use it in the winter on long 4+ hr skis. at least this way they can identify my frozen body with ease.

andrew said...

you guys are really negative thinkers.