Tuesday, September 1, 2009

interesting comparision

Last night's single speed ride was fun, like usual. There were a few interesting things that happened along with some conversations brought up that had me thinking. The Monday Night Something single speed ride versus Nascar. That's right folks, non shifting cycling at night takes on redneck racing.

Like Nascar this ride is pretty much follow the leader around the trail. Everyone rides close and when there is a double track section there is always a pack two or three wide. As we head into the single track someone always slingshots around to take the lead.

Last night's ride there was more tire rubbing than ever. At one point I swear there were at least 3 bikes in contact. We all remember those famous words from Days of Thunder the greatest car movie of all time (not really) He didn't bump you, hit you, or crashed into you. He rubbed you and rubbin is racin!!!!

When ever there is a mechanical on the trail like Nascar the yellow flag goes up and everyone goes into caution and rides really slow so till everyone regroups. Yep, one particular rider kept dropping her chain, maybe the fact that her hubby runs a bike shop explains things.

The fastest riders/drivers usually crash the most. Yep, it happened more than once last night. One crash happened while the pack wasn't even moving.

As for crashing which means turning in most cases. Nascar drivers really suck if they are forced to do more than turn left. Well Tristan proved that last night. Actually it was both going left and right and over rocks and things. Next year all trails will be paved and 20 feet wide.

There are thousands of drunk fans in the stands at Nascar races. In our case we had one drunk fan in a wheelchair touring around the parking lot. We have to work on our cheering section.

There is always tree huggers protesting Nascar races and how environmentally damaging they are. well had a tree mover/hugger/planter on our ride last night.

Nascar drivers are paid vast sums of money to drive in circles. Us, ya sure it would be nice.

I guess Nascar still takes it from a fan and spectator sport, I still don't get it. I get dizzy watching them go round and round for hours. I think if more people found out about our ride we could fill the stands. Ok so there are no stands in Midhurst but if you build it they will come. Or at least it would give the free riders something new to jump off.

Work time, play time tonight.

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