Friday, September 25, 2009

Almost happy

I finally rode yesterday. 3 days off the bike, 4 days sick, still some strong traces of the cold meant I rode like, ummm , like shit. Took the Molly Monster with me to Copeland forest to try and get every part of mountain biking working en a very short time. The lungs and legs on the hills, Things did start to feel better except for the flem being hacked up and the fact my chest is really sore from all the coughing and sneezing.

Now the technical side of things, Yep I rubbed a ton of trees, rode off the trails and pretty much got bounced around for almost an hour. Copeland is much more technical than anything at Hardwood but I still felt like a complete rookie. At least there was no one around to watch and laugh. Molly even dive bombed me a couple times when she was sick of the stop and go. I did ripe the berms though, I rode up them first. Coasting is much more fun.

Speaking of mountain biking and more the race season. Lots of people have started writing their year in review as they are done. Here are a couple AWI VV As for me in 48 hours my officially scheduled mountain bike race season for 2009 will be closed. Holly Crap that was fast!!!! There are a few random events that I may or may not do but they will probably be on the single speed. I do have a 29er that I should play with.

Of course there is cross season which I will be deciding the morning off depending on what time I get up, what the weather looks like, how much alcohol I consumed the night before, how much coffee I've consumed that morning etc on which ones I race. The CX6.5 is all ready to rip of course the pilot may not be.

The count down has begun, 24 hours from this point I'll be heading to Hardwood Ski and Bike for the last hurray of the season. It's going to hurt, they always do. The beer always tastes better.

Time for work!

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