Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some more and some less of Michigan

Heading to the states. It's interesting that it took away longer to get into the states than back into Canada. The amount of traffic difference was huge. HMMM wonder why.

Where we were supposed to hang out for many many more hours than we did. My bikes were just gleaming thanks to Jacob.

The start, yep that's all of us. There was no need to stage a bike at this race like I'm used to. No panic on getting a good start and being near the front of the first climb. Just layed back.

Coming into the pits for a bottle change. I think this was the end of the 3rd lap, already had a huge lead. Of course 4 laps later I ended up on my back and another lap after that lead to the picture bellow.

Going over a 4 mile long bridge. It's almost a little freaky. Unfortunately no place to stop and look around.

The bridge.

Holiday's are over officially,well once I get off my ass this morning and head to the office. I like structure, I need structure. Training will resume today also. Didn't do much yesterday but debug the bikes and put everything in the laundry hamper.

One thing I noticed at the race were the amount of singlespeeds. Mainly 29er's and a lot of Gary Fishers. Talked to a couple riders and asked them if they had ever checked out Misfit's. Some had heard of them, that's it. Peter, time to raid the neighbours.

My shoulder is still feeling weird and I have a twist in the upper body. My knee is feeling better and most of the swelling has gone down. It's going to be lots of stretching to deal with the shoulder. Well it's not all that bad. The season is coming to an end in two weeks minus the random cross races and fun events. Back to do lots of yoga and not in the same position on the bikes for hours on end.

Of course this all comes in the right time. Last night it was dark at 7:30 with the clouds rolling in. I guess I'll get some time in with the lights over the next couple weeks.

Time to go, I can't fire myself for being late.


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