Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where do we go from here??

Yep at the end of the scheduled race season. What do I do, where do I go??? No training, free time. I'm going crazy already with to many spare minutes in my life.

My thoughts are cross are just that, thoughts about them. You may see me at a race but until this cold has gone completely and then at least one week after that you will not see a cross bike between my legs and a number on my shoulder. Intensity is not in the cards for a couple weeks.

This month is a complete free for all, got a great letter from Heather yesterday that she sends all her athletes at this time about taking time off and this even includes not riding. Gasp!!! but she is right. Getting off the bike, letting the body 100 percent recover is so important both mentally and physically. Of course that is easier said in done. A bad habit is hard to break. Of course the weather is cooperating for this, rain, rain rain, wind, rain, cold and more rain. I'm motivated to go out there, are you???

It's funny that I would think that not training would give me all this free time but October is already filling up. Thanksgiving will be a fun trail ride with the Mountainview Cycling Club. This is a ride a little regroup, chat, laugh, try that again followed by a beer or two in the parking lot type ride. Remember those??? The Monday Night Something crew has the first annual not on a Monday night camping tripped planned for the end of October. One member who will remain nameless has a fear of camping and is bailing on it. He even says his dog is afraid of nature.

I'll finally get to do the many projects around the house that I have been looking at. Lots of interior painting, fall clean up, and very shortly firewood to move. The last one is not something I'm looking forward to.

My body itself feels amazing again. A trip to Dr. Bill's yesterday has me standing up straight and not in fear of stairs. Time to start back into the yoga again. Mother Nature can't stop me from doing that.

Work time, busy day folowed by checking out a house with Mom. This could take up my off season also.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost, you had a great race on Saturday! You rode strong. That being said, I don't want your derailleur you will need it when yours is snapped off by some debris, waiting unsuspecting to cause destruction. I on the other hand (single speed) will glide effortlessly past, unaffected by flying sticks, stumps and other drive train assassins. I live by two adage's " gears are for queers" and " one gear, more beer!
" each has it's appropriate place. Enjoy your victory!!!

Matt Spak said...

Awww thank you!! Mmmm Beer, tempting to change over just for the thoughts of more beer. I just don't think my skiinny little legs can push a single speed the same as I can on a gear. Oh did I mention that I LOVE full suspension.

Cheers!! It's fall so need more beers!!!