Friday, September 11, 2009

Pre ride of the 24 hour of Hansen Hills

I know late post, not my 6 am crap like usual. Jacob and I did our preride today. Of course this was after my 700 plus calorie breakfast. I swear I was ready to pop a button on my jeans when I was done.

This is my bike for next season. Giant has stepped it up beyond Trek's 69er

The weather has been amazing, rolled out around 10ish. The venue is all of 15 minutes from the hotel which meant the perfect warm up. Got in and talked to a couple of the organizers to get the course. We had actually ended up riding almost half of it with out knowing. Everyone is pretty cool with a laid back attitude. I'm really excited on the homegrown feel of the event

Headed out on the start and this is one of the first things that you get to see.

The course is this, fast flowing single track. There is zero double track. There is not much climbing compared to what I'm used to but this is a course that will take its toll because of that. The second lap I was trying to make myself find recovery coasting areas. There are not many. It's a place I could stay on the gas the whole time of course that would be a bad thing later on.

Nothing to technical, lots of random beach sand sections. There are a few spots on the course that I know I'll have to pay attention or I'll start hitting random trees. The downhill into transition is cool with a fast line from the top of the ski hill, yep there is a jump in this.

At the top of one of the higher points of the course. Roughly about 700 feet of climbing a lap. 11 miles which is about 17 kms, We ran laps in the high 40's low 50's at below race pace. Should be a epic day tomorrow.

The race starts at 10 am which is a nice change from the normal noon start, means easier eating prep. I need to start riding to burn off the extra calories I've been shoving down my throat the last few days. Almost feel bloated but in a good way.

I'll try to get a short post up Sunday night from the hotel. We are going to head to the Sault for a different way back. Plus it's close and one of the Monday Night something guys is at school there. Not going on a bender Scott!!!

Time for another meal and then to bed.

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