Thursday, September 10, 2009

No roll up the rim for me

The car is packed, it's 6:30 am, I'm awake way to early like usual. But I give you something to do for a few minutes right?? We will be heading out in just over an hour. Jacob and I already made a decision that we will NOT be doing this all the way to Michigan. Sorry, but I think it tastes like crap and you can't drink it black.

Instead the trip will be filled with old comedy routines. It's amazing how old Eddie Murphy and George Carlin help kill 700 kms of 400/ 401/I75 type highways. The cruise control will be used today.

On a side note. The weather is now listed at perfect. 23 degrees by day with sun both days and down to 8 at night but clear. NO RAIN!!!! I do have a set of mud tires on wheels coming with me just in case. With the way this season has been I would be a complete lunatic to not pack them.

I'll spill the beans on the real reason I'm going to the states. I need to recruit more people to help me beat this guy in a contest. What contest? Peter's contest. Dicky won the first round, I think he cheated. Click this button once, or twice. Click often, it's fun for kids, more fun than a broken slinky. More educational than your grandmother teaching sex education.

At least I beat the security guard. His intimidation tactics with a tazer didn't work. I used to have a sticker on the back of one of my cars in my immature street racing days. It said BAD COP NO DONUT. Craig you will be a good cop, go get a baker's dozen then go for a ride.

More tonight or for sure in the morning. As long as we get across the boarder. I wonder if screaming he is a crack dealer and has a bomb when we are just about to cross would be a good idea??? It would be ammusing for sure.

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