Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The first signs

It was back at it today, both work and play. Work well work is work. I was dragging my ass a little in the morning. Waking up to an alarm for the first time in over a week. Ya it has a new dent on it.

I also got back out on the bike, same thing first time since getting home from the race. My legs were feeling good, which they should be! It was also the first time this month that I realized that yes it is September which equals fall coming. Cold crisp wind even when that sun felt so nice. Meant the first time I headed out with the arm bands and knee bands in the back of the jersey just in case.

Headed out on the rail trail towards the 6th line. Wanted to not over work things but needed to see where things like my knee and shoulder are at. The knee is pretty good, a little bit of pain when I stood up and stomped on the pedals on one of the climbs but in a couple days things will be good to go for the 8 hour.

The shoulder, well that will be a different story. Things are still very tight but I have a visit with Dr. Bill today and see my massage therapist Friday. If everything goes well it will get me through the race with no drugs needed. It's only 8 hours.

Alright back to the fun part of life. Kept the ride short, about an hour and a half. Coming back down the 5th line I jumped back on to the rail trail to give the legs a long cool down. Coming through Victoria Harbour I spotted what looked like a really big dog on the trail. Hey I'm in town what else would it be?? Didn't really even think about slowing down but did have my hands near the brakes. Getting closer, wow that's a really really big dog and it's fat!!! Wait, that's no dog, that's a Black Bear. BRAKES!!!!!!

I was coming at him at maybe 30km/h, he/she was staring at me a little confused and I was still thinking, look at the cute puppy! To the right of us was a big fence which meant no escape in that direction. Once I realized what I was coming at very quickly I started to think it's fall, this bear is going to hibernate soon, he wants to get fat, he is looking for food, he is wandering around a rail trail, oh shit I'm going to be bear food. I guess the confusing look on the bears face was not all that confusing, probably more a, HMMM skinny cyclist, not a lot of fat, a lot of effort with not much reward. He opted to go back in the bush and wait for someone a little more plump.

It's always the way that the best pictures I could get always happen when I don't have my camera. Finished up my ride with no other incidents. I'm pretty much sticking to the road until the race to give my shoulder as much time to recover as I can. Now that I don't need to be in the trails to see nature it should make for some interesting rides over the next two weeks.

Gotta run, work is calling and I'm actually listening.

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